Product based company with obsolete technology or service based company - which should I join?

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I am a student in my final year of Engineering in CSE from a 3rd tier engineering college. I  currently hold two job offers one from a good product based networking company(I don't prefer naming the company as I'm still interning with them) offering a good salary package and another from one of the leading service based industry namely Infosys offering a much lesser package. Now I had been working in the product based company since past 6 months as an intern. The working atmosphere is comfortable and most of my seniors are encouraging. But the only drawback I see working here is that all the work involves working with obsolete technology stack (like C in backend and .NET in front end). Since all their products are existing from 2000, I really don't see much prospect of working with latest cutting edge technology and languages like Python and Cloud computing or Artificial Intelligence etc that are now severely blending in almost all domains including Networking. What I'm afraid of is that if I stick to this company once I might not remain relevant to the job market while working with obsolete technology stack and my career prospect curve would become stagnant. Also since I'm really new to this domain and learning the concepts by studying their codebase I'm not sure how much I will be able to blend into this domain. So far the journey has been good and they have promised me to make an offer which as I said has a CTC higher than what Infosys is offering me. So far I've learnt a lot in this company like concepts of Kernel Programming and Network Protocol implementations, etc but being a passionate web developer in the past I'm really confused about what should be my right career choice - To join this company I'm currently interning with or go for Infosys where I may get to work on more trending technologies and also on a domain that I know? On the other hand my dream was always to work in a product based industry having a good learning curve however networking had never been my interest. Please suggest me if possible what should be my right choice in this scenario.


  • First of all congrats that you secured dual job offers !

    W.r.t services firms as we know, you work there to work actually somewhere else(their clients). So naturally they pay you less. Since it is your money they earn from their clients, besides paying your salary, they pay for their HR, your managers, including top management, CEO, CTO, Domain Heads, Electricians, Gardners, water, rent, coffee, etc.

    So put together it is like restaurant food where someone makes your food but you pay more to them, vs home food, where you make the food. And so cheaper.

    Question related to technology:
    The issue with trending technologies:
    such as Java, .NET, C# around 2005-2008 ...
    Cloud technologies (2007-2014) ...
    the Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI, Data scientist (currently)...
    is that they are new to market and niche. Since they are niche they pay you really well since there are less guys around. But after sometime it gets pretty common. Even a fresher would know about it. Hence you always face issue with trending technologies. Trust me it is quite common issue in Fashion Industry.

    Come to real world:
    No body can use a smart phone with the frontend written by some C, or assembly. So we need more sensible really powerful abstraction. Hence we have all UI platforms. And so the demand for UI will be there always.

    Now the question is choosing a domain (explained in Indian way):
    It is up to your comfort zone whether you want to be a simple temple priest do fancy things, or you want to go deeper become into some tantrick. Where you go deeper. Explore deep spiritualism. You break the barriers and self learn. Same way systems vs UI. In UI you often don't and cannot go deeper. You are a Java developer but you are just a java developer not a guy who is working on some JVM, or JRE. Vs. you are a Kernel Developer, you can touch and play all software aspects.

    Now the question is choosing a domain (explained in International way):
    Do you want to be a car painter or some car interior upholsterer ...
    or you want to engineer your own car, your own engine, and stuff ??

    Industry needs both Car Painters (although nowadays robots do it), and engineers to design and build cars (may be robots). And we need more engineers to build those robots and so on....

  • Explained gracefully. Thanks a lot.
  • welcome :)

    but more intelligence is moving to upper layers. Which means lower levels does stuff to support top layers. But the core business value is in the top layers.

    Imagine fields like Datascience, Analytics, UI, etc.
    These are built upon extreme abstract high level higher layer components.

    The earlier reply is a developer standpoint when it is a question of his/her career.
    And this is a perspective of industry as a whole where the direct revenue comes from and business is driven by providing value added services or products to their customers.
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